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The Best Burger We Ever Had … in Asia

“I wish I could tell you more”

Burger Bar

Where? Hong Kong, Central, Lan Kwai Fong, 7號HK 香港島 號地下

(Have moved since December 2018 – check website for new location)

Hours? 12pm – 11pm everyday

Notes? No room here for vegans, vegetarians or celiacs.

I wish I could tell you more. Honestly, I wish I could.

Whilst slogging away at our annual Halloween event in Malaysia an upcoming site inspection in Hong Kong provided an opportunity for us to leave the country and reset both our visas and our mindset.

With both tasks dutifully done in record time a free day (a free day? WTF is with that?) provided a rare opportunity for us to enjoy one of our favourite Asian cities.

First, a proper wind down with beer, then a bit of a walk with a few beer stops, a relaxing junk ride around Victoria Harbour sipping beer, and maybe a bit more walking, or hopping, from beer to beer.

Somewhere amongst the Beer-Blur we happened upon a hole in the wall with an overwhelming neon sign above the entrance. Maybe it wasn’t that large … y'know, inebriation exaggeration and all.

Burger Bar – buried somewhere in Hong Kong’s popular bar district in Lan Kwai Fong - is small and narrow, with limited seating but the service is quick and there is no need to linger.

We ordered … of course we had beer and lucky I took photos so I can tell you what they were. A good burger only needs a simple beer and Tsing Tao notched that card for us.

As for the burgers, I think I got something called a molten cheeseburger. Barely remember what Big E ordered but I can tell you the buns were soft, the patties flavourful, the sauces and the cheeses all squished and melded together in a divine blessing as we sucked down the joyously, greasy sense of satisfaction that a good burger bestows upon you. These were the best burgers we ever had! THE BEST! ... or was this another turn of inebriation exaggeration? Or does anything taste good after a full days' tipple?

Regardless. Once I can find the new location, I will return sober and with a more informative blog report, though I am known to get distra – oh look! Beer!

NB: Drink responsibly


Big E: I think it was the Classic Beef burger with added fixings, 1x Tsing Tao

Little e: More than likely I had the Molten Cheeseburger, 1x Tsing Tao

Share: Fries with green stuff sprinkled on top ... probably seaweed salt. Tasty.

Take Away: Full bellies and higher alcohol content

Walkaway Price: something in HK dollars. Didn’t break the bank though



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