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Malaysian Truckin'

“Grab a plate and have at it!”

Fat One Food Truck

Where? Parked outside Sunway Pyramid near corner of Jalan PJS 11/28b and Jalan PJS 11/28

Hours? 6pm until 12am or sold out

Notes? Plenty vegan and vegetarian options but be aware they will be cooked on same vessels as meat. Take away available.

Ah, Malaysia… I HATE the weather. Breaking a sweat standing still is against my work ethic, but I LOVE the food. All of it. Except the spicy stuff. Big E, on the other hand, is the exact opposite, the spicier the better but without the “adventure”. Something about getting sick.

Once upon a late night workshift I managed to entice him away from the 24/7 KFC and sample some of the simpler options offered at FAT ONE STEAMBOAT FOOD TRUCK!

What is it? You ask? (well, maybe you don’t ask but hey, you’re still reading…)

Fat One is a delightful little truck with its’ back end opened up sporting huge slabs of ice, in front of which sit pots of roiling spicy and savoury broth and accompanying sauces – satay, hoisin and spicy.

The vehicle-mounted ice mountains protect a wide selection of tiny morsels skewered in groups of 4-6 and piled high. Selection includes broccoli, spinach, mushrooms for those looking to boost their vegetable intake (us), and a variety of tofu for the vegans. Dumplings, egg, salami, honey ham, sausage and a variety of meatballs for the less adventurous which leaves all the squid, liver and entrails for me and the locals.

Being self-serve, we simply grab any skewer our stomachs desire and pop them into one of the nearby broth pots to cook and enjoy.

Alternatively, on the tail gate of this tasty truck sits a tidy set up of deep fryer and grill manned by our chipper cook and host who is ready to both recommend food and cooking options to the uninitiated or to deep fry and grill the fk out of your impaled choice, sprinkle-drowning it in tasty seasoning.

There is much to enjoy and experiment with both cooking wise and taste and what I love is witnessing Big E slowly come around to more interesting options.

This is a great, quick and easy late night, no-fuss dinner option for us and although no beer is on offer, there is a nearby 7/11 for take-home amber nightcaps.

At the end of our self-made meal, empty skewers are handed over to our cook who notes their colour-coded ends and deftly adds up the total. We’d be tight-arses if we didn’t tip.

Plenty of late night drinkers and fellow late-night workers frequent this little food truck and, all-in-all, Fat One Food Truck is a staple when on the job. Quick. Cheap. Easy. And darn tasty. The perfect gateway to other Malaysian street food on offer. Stay tuned.

NB: If it irks you eating off the back of a truck ( ya' lightweight) Fat One Steamboat also has a restaurant nearby across the E10.


Big E: 7x skewers: 2x broccoli boiled in spicy broth; 2x salami, 2x cheese sausage, 1x honey ham fried and grilled

Little e: 7x skewers: 1x broccoli, 1x spinach boiled in savoury broth; 1x egg, 1x meatball (pork?) boiled in spicy broth; 1x squid, 1x salami, 1x honey ham, fried and grilled

Walkaway Price: 14 skewers = RM$45, around AU$10


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