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When in Mexico ...

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

“Al servicio de su paladar!”

Taqueria Las Palomas Ajusco

Where? Acanceh 140, Héroes de Padierna, 14200 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Hours? Sun-Thurs 2pm-12am, Fri & Sat 2pm-1am

Notes? Dine in or from the street, best ambience by the window approaching sunset, room available for larger parties, there are a few Las Palomas around so check addresses

Ah, Mexico! I love it when we have work there. The delicious local fare at Taqueria Las Palomas makes a difficult work trip a more palatable one … see what I did there? In Mexico, you don't need fancy to indulge in good food.

Our main jobsite is half way up a hill (mountain) in Pedregal, just outside of Mexico City. Las Palomas is situated a little further uphill and, despite the high altitude, is not a bad 10mins hike to get to knowing what awaits us. "Honorary E" with us tonight is our Mexican based venue manager from Australia, his first visit to Las Palomas and, I daresay, not his last.

As soon as you walk up to the frontage staff welcome you with gusto from the open kitchen and service area, seat you promptly and fill your table with endless bowls of condiments in anticipation of your order.

The local crew introduced us to Las Palomas a few years ago and is a regular go-to after work. No bar and only two beer options but the food is what brings us and honestly, the Coronas really do taste better in Mexico!

Though we would have loved to ponder the menu for longer to try something different, time and exhaustion was not on our side tonight so we went with some simple shared fare.

Two Alambres Especiales - meat cooked on the skewer and piled high on the plate with extra goodies and smothered with cheese. We ordered one Mexicano (sirloin, bacon, mushroom, avocado, pepper, onion) and one Azteca (ribs, bacon, cactus, onion, mild chili), topped off with a side order of Choriqueso (diced chorizo drowning in cheese ... GAWD I love cheese), and a serving each of flour and corn tortillas. More than enough for three we over ordered, over ate and most certainly over enjoyed every morsel.

Palate, most certainly, served.


Big E and little e: 3x Cerveza Coronas each (really does taste better in Mexico)

Honorary E: 2x Michaleda Negra Modelo – in a tall salt rimmed frosty glass!

Shared: Alambres especiales Mexicano and Azteca, Choriqueso, 1x serve of corn tortillas, 1x serve of flour tortilla

Walk Away Price: 695 pesos = roughly US$35, AU$47


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