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“Keep away from the Burgers”

The Beer Factory

Where? Av San Fernando 649, Plaza Cuicuilco, Peña Pobre, Manantial Peña Pobre, 14060 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Hours? Mon-Thurs 12pm-12am, Fri & Sat 12pm-2am, Sun 12pm-10pm

Notes? Limited vegetarian and gluten free options

Another maintenance trip to our jobsite in Mexico almost impeded the celebration of my nascency, I’m proud to say, 46 years ago. So on our final night I made sure to remind my colleagues that December is all about me and not this religious hijacked pagan holiday that has been popular these last several hundred years … Lucky for me The Beer Factory was in agreement.

In tow, to make it more of an event, “Honorary E”, our Mexico based venue manager, and “honorary e”, a local girlfriend I finally got to catch up with.

“Honorary E” had previously regaled us with tales of a local brewery, the flagship of Plaza Cuicuilco Shopping Mall built on the site of a former mid-19th century paper mill, which made the surrounding architecture and environment rather interesting. “honorary e” confirmed this quality of choice.

Walking in seemed like any other restaurant with open space and mezzanine levels until we spotted the huge brewing vats and their lines running to the bar. Impressive. Just as impressive is the selection of site made brews. Predominantly ales but also a stout, lager and some seasonal exotics.

Even better? You can take home bottles, growlers and even kegs of the brew of your choice!

Even better than that? COMPLIMENTARY BEER FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! That’s right! My bi-lingual girlfriend spotted the best promotion ever on the back of the Spanish-worded menus to celebrate the awesome-ness of me! On producing proof of birth I selected the English styled Coyote Pale Ale for my 3 litres of birthday amber gloriousness. Today I was nice enough to share. Enjoyed by all palates at the table, a pint of various choices was ordered for each when the free stuff tapped out.

Food was another venture – we all recommend the wings, nachos and the delightful surprise of the guacamole onion rings however the burgers were a non-event. The main disappointment being no flavour in those juicy patties. Hard to believe because they were juicy just … nothing in them. The fixings alone could not save them.

On the flip side, the prize meal of the night was my Shrimp & Mayo Crunch, sampled by each at the table with the sighs of desire to have ordered them instead.

Atop crunchy wonton/tortillas sits perky and fresh sautéed shrimp with avocado, lettuce and a seasoned mayonnaise with lime on the side for that perfect zest. Absolutely delicious!

Desserts, although not really necessary, were un-regrettably indulged all ‘round and as we rolled out the door taking one more lingering glance at the old paper mill’s smoke stack we confirmed another visit was inevitable.

Please, do not let our burger downer put you off a visit to The Beer Factory. There are plenty of sensational menu items to satisfy and the beer alone is worth the trip to sample and indulge. We also recommend the lighter Mediterranea Ale for the warmer weather and the Santa Fe Lager for more flavour.


Big E: Picosita Beef Burger, Brownie, Santa Fe Lager

Little e: Shrimp & Mayo Crunch, Brownie, Santa Fe Lager

Honorary E: Blue Cheese Burger, Cheesecake Madness, Santa Fe Lager

Honorary e: Amber wings, Helado (icecream), Mediterranea Ale

Shared: Nachos Santa Fe, Guacamole Onion Rings, Coyote Pale Ale Birthday Bonus

Walkaway Price: 1100pesos (just over AU$80)


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