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Solo in Sydney ... Airport

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

MoVida Bar de Tapas

Where? Sydney Airport, Terminal 2

Hours? 5am-9pm everyday

Notes? Take time out and enjoy the experience, enter from the side and allow the host to seat you! Not much for gluten intolerant. Breakfast options until 12pm

Airport food is often the order of the day as we commute between jobsites or, in this case, as I attempt to fit in a performance career.

On this particular occasion, with direct flights to hometown Adelaide still hard to come by in this day and age, I was travelling through Sydney from the Gold Coast… with a three hour stop over.

Upon landing I was gagging for some soul soothing amber and promptly made a beeline for the outskirts of the Sydney airport food court where those of similar desperation or social deception, head. One venue was particularly busy. Suits, manbags, high heeled gaits and attitudes smothered tables and infected the bar. Ordering would not be quick … and my own work attire clashed with the atmosphere. So I took my steel-capped boots, paint and silicone stained workpants and solder burned hoodie to a more cosy and accepting bar winking at me from underneath its large red banner.

Movida offered calm vibes, friendly smiles and relaxed but still prompt service.

A delightful host aware of my needs, escorted me past the booths and tables straight to the bar. Perched comfortably, I bypassed the Movida ambers and went local. The Moon Dog “Old Mate” Pale Ale to be exact. Going down easy and tasty I took my time over three. One per hour so, technically I could still call myself a sensible drinker. Halfway through my pace I pondered over the menu for a light meal where Tapas was tempting and larger fare enticing. My bar neighbour, obviously a regular, recited his order with precise enunciation. I followed along on the Spanish menu as he rolled his “R’s” – English Translation: Pork crackling, olives, chorizo filled potato, calamari sandwich, ham and salami … I couldn’t keep up. But his plates piled high with deliciousness as they came from the kitchen and I admired his gusto and palate. This was Tapas dining done right!

Paling in comparison I contented my belly with a fresh salad of spinach and endive leaves, palm hearts, olives and orange slices. And I loved it. As refreshing as the beer was flavourful it certainly set me up for the flight to Adelaide. Movida will be a must do on my return flight and any other stop over that will arise in the future.

Big E will approve.


Little e: 3x Moon dog “Old Mate” Pale Ale, Ensalada Valenciana

Walkaway Price: AU$48.50


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