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Glory in the Hudson Valley

“Just Can’t Go Past It”

American Glory BBQ

Where? 342 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534

Hours? Mon-Thurs & Sun 1130am-10pm, Fri-Sat 1130am-11pm

Notes? Vegetarian options include soups, salads and burger. Excellent BBQ platter menu for group, couple and lone diners

A visit to Hudson is always looked forward to when in upstate New York in Columbia County. Many places to duck into when meandering in and out of the main street’s bric a brac, antique and craft stores, art galleries, coffee shops, bars and restaurants and nice surprises when you wander off the beaten path into a side street guarding a tucked-away specialty store.

But when it comes time for lunch Big E and I are not ashamed to return to an old favourite, American Glory Barbecue … though I am ashamed to say we have never sampled the full BBQ menu. Instead we continue our custom of beer and comfort food appetizers at the bar. When you’re on a good thing … well, y’know.

Today was particularly picturesque. That blissful time of year between Thanksgiving-Food-Coma-Hangover and Pre-Christmas-Aperitifs where the festive spirit is in the air and on the airwaves.

With a magical dusting of snow starting to fall we bundled inside American Glory and, as per usual, firmly planted ourselves at the bar.

The atmosphere is cozy with a long bar and dark wood, dim lighting and soft tunes. I am particularly attached to the four garden gnomes perched jauntily on the upper shelves behind the bar. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and Tolerate No Evil … also the music idols framed on the bare brick wall opposite.

First up, beer, of course. Making our way through two pints each of NY brews. Myself enjoying the Roscoe Two Headed Stout and Big E on the Catskill Brewery Nightshine. The bartenders are always chipper and are happy to talk local beers and prohibition-era inspired cocktail choices.

We over-ordered our bites for the day and should have probably satisfied ourselves with one serving of two sliders – one pulled pork, one beef brisket - instead of two. However, we took our time closing our eyes in pleasure as we tucked into each mouthful. I love the buttermilk ranch dressing served with the deep fried pickles and, although I may not order the BBQ spring rolls again I will always come back to the Mac & Cheese Balls BUT, the trick is to eat them first whilst they are hot and gooey like all good deep fried cheese dishes should be. Speaking of which, yes, we did overdo the deep fried on this order but hey, it’s winter and this is comfort food. We’ll work it all off back home chopping wood for the fire and shovelling snow off the driveway (except we didn’t).

I’m well aware locals are probably screaming at us to try one of the many other dining pleasures in Hudson so, stay tuned. Any excuse to return upstate to this picturesque town with it's mid 19th century buildings, nestled by the river of its' namesake ... you get the idea.


Big E: BBQ Sliders 2x pints Catskill Nightshine

Little e: BBQ Sliders, 2x pints Roscoe Two Headed Stout

Shared: Southern Fried Pickles, Mac & Cheese Balls, BBQ Spring Rolls

Walkaway Price: US$87 plus tips


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