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Cheese in Chatham

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Bimi's Cheese Shop

Where? 21 Main St, Chatham, NY

Hours? Mon & Tues 8am to 5pm, Wed-Sat 10:30am to 5pm, Sun 10:30am to 3pm

Notes? Gluten free options available, non-licensed, more than just cheese!

I LOVE CHEESE! - there, I've said it. Now to the blog ...

Once upon a time, Big E emailed me an article on the opening of a cheese shop in upstate New York not far from his parent's abode. "Somewhere to visit when we are there next." he mentioned.

Too bloody right, mate!

This quaint, old style shop front and presentation on Chatham's main street is a regular haunt for us when in town.

Inside is abundant with provisions sourced locally and internationally. Honey, butter, maple syrup, chocolate and seasonal pies, accessories like graters and croques, gift boxes, merchandise and delightful gift options, charcuterie and of course THE CHEESE!

Cow, Sheep, Goat, Blue, Hard, Soft...

For creamy, soft cheese lovers I highly recommend the Pico Picandine but, I am a blue kinda girl - the stinkier the better! - and usually head to the Stilton on offer - and you MUST try the blue cheese souffle cakey things. Divine.

Big E prefers a mozzarella, so we eagerly await Bimi's offering (yes, they make their own) to indulge with an exceptional olive oil.

As much as I love eating cheese, I really do enjoy cooking with cheese. However ... I suck at it. Particularly when I can't find a certain cheese for a recipe. The super friendly and helpful staff at Bimi's caters to my particular flaw. Their education and passion for cheese assists greatly in finding an alternative or even a suggestion of another cheese to alter a taste or texture of a dish. And they are always spot on!

Do not hesitate to ask the Bimi's staff their recommendations for serving, flavour and pairings.

Lunch time fare includes pre-made rolls and sandwiches and Mac & Cheese. Seasonal influences for soup of the day and my absolute favourite (please bring it back) Venison Chili!

But our main reason for entering this fine establishment is the GRILLED CHEESE BAR.

Always on offer these grilled cheese sandwiches are lovingly created to order by Gianni from a revolving menu selection based on their whims yet always delectable such as Blue Cheese and Drunken Onions or Herbed Chevre and Tapenade.

We can't get past the mainstays - The Original (Cheddar on Rye) and the Smoked Ham and Gruyere (with mustard). All grilled cheese come with a choice of side, either a pickle or a delightful serving of Pak-dong - a sweetly spiced Asian style coleslaw that apparently is high in probiotics - for those who want to know - and is also available to purchase by the jar.

For the gluten intolerant (not those in the fashion) it's worth noting that there are gluten free options made on a gluten free grill!

And it doesn't stop there! Keep an eye out for in-store special occasions and indulgences including fondue or crepe days, breakfast with Gianni and other local festival and event appearances.


Big E: The Original w/ pickle AND pak-dong

little e: Ham & Gruyere w/ pickle

Shared: Mac & Cheese with the lot - caramelised onion, toasted bread crumbs and bacon. Izze Sparkling Grapefruit drink

Takeaway: Bagel Chips

Walkaway Price: around US$30


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